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The Spirit of Flanders diamond - Whiter, brighter, more sparkle.

The new Spirit of Flanders diamond is not your average rock!

The special diamond shape actually makes your diamond appear whiter, brighter and larger than any other diamond of the same size.

It's the ultimate diamond for the new century. The Spirit of Flanders diamond was developed by Ronny Wagemans of Diamwag in Antwerp, Belgium - the premier diamond cutting centre of the world.

You'll be delighted to learn you won't find this diamond everywhere. It's exclusive to members of Australasia's largest group of independent jewellery retailers, Nationwide Jewellers.

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Unique Rock - A cut above the rest!

What makes your revolutionary new Spirit of Flanders diamond appear whiter, brighter and larger is the very special cut.

It has a total of 80 facets which reflect more light compared to the standard brilliant cut with 58 facets.

This unique cut comes to a point at the top of the diamond.

The parabolic shaped table (the top face of the diamond) and double faceted pavilion (around the base of the diamond) has the effect of making your diamond look larger than it is.

Beautiful Rock

Your new Spirit of Flanders explodes with sparkle and beauty.

For centuries the diamond has been the ultimate symbol of perfection, love, birth and success ...

There is only one manufacturer of this revolutionary new diamond in the world - Diamwag in Antwerp, Belgium.

Antwerp is the world's leading diamond cutting centre and part of a proud history dating back to the 1500's.

Exclusive Rock

Your new Spirit of Flanders diamond is exclusive only to members of Nationwide Jewellers.

Each diamond features a laser engraved individual serial number with the Diamwag logo on the girdle (edge) of the diamond to guarantee its authenticity.

Rock Solid Guarantee

Your Spirit of Flanders diamond comes with an exclusive Certificate of Authenticity from Diamwag, Belgium displaying your diamond's grading. For extra peace of mind and added security each diamond comes with its own laser engraved serial number and this serial number is matched on your certificate.


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